Adventure Travel Fashion Tips to keep you looking good on your adventure

Adventure travel fashion seems like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? When one thinks of adventure travel, things such mud-spatter, sweat marks and stains from some strange food you will inevitably eat come to mind. True, you have to pack with these things in mind however you don’t have to abandon your fashion sense completely and go all Bindi Irwin.

Here are a few tips on what your adventure travel fashion wardrobe should and should not entail.

adventure travel fashion-denim

Denims are essential adventure travel fashion


There are many temptations to pack that little white bikini or tee White goes with everything, it feels fresh, it makes your tan pop (the list goes on).  But keep in mind unless you will have access to bleach and a washing machine, they will be ruined in no time.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still bring favourites, just pack colours and fabrics that won’t easily stain and can handle a sink-wash here and there .

Oh, and don’t forget your denims. Denim somehow transcends the laws of cleanliness and even looks great when it’s dirty. Essential adventure travel fashion fabric.


Yes, they take up room that you’d much rather fill with 5 more pairs of denim shorts


Good footwear is an adventure necessity

and 8 more bikinis but if you actually are adventuring, you will need a pair of decent shoes. We can imagine the horrified look on your face when we say this but a good pair of hiking boots are a key piece for your adventure travel fashion wardrobe.

Don’t worry, they have improved in style over the years and paired with the right ensemble (short shorts, skinny jeans, a little cotton dress) can actually look sexy and show off your pins.  If it is simply too much to bear, at least take sneakers. A tolerable compromise.


Adventure travel & jewellery don’t mix



We all have our special pieces of jewellery we can’t live without however when travelling  it should be left behind for a number of reasons. You are likely to lose it, you will have to look after it and if you are travelling in poorer countries, wearing jewellery not only attracts attention but will make your bargaining power zilch.

If there is something very important to you that you must take then make it your only piece. Besides, the lack of shiny items in your suitcase will result in you feeling the need to pick up a few new pieces on your travels. Yay.



Your skin is the best piece of your best adventure travel fashion

Regardless of where you are going or how lightly you have to pack, remember to pack your skincare. And this isn’t about just making sure you look hot (ok, maybe a little bit).  Your beauty regime is super important to your adventure travel fashion. Unlike the clothes you may discard along the way, you wear your skin everyday so keep it fresh and beautiful.

You are already dealing with a severely limited edition of of your wardrobe. That is trauma enough. Don’t neglect your skin and it will thank you, along with the mirror and your travel partner. Need some help with this one? Check out our great summer beauty tips.


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