Expert Makeup Every Time Expert makeup without the expense

Having expert makeup every time is about more than good skills, it’s about having good products too.  Collection or replacing quality makeup products can be expensive, especially if you  don’t know where to splurge and save.



A beauty buff knows how to get expert makeup everytime

To ensure you will always be looking your best without the bruised wallet, check out these tips from a beauty and make-up expert when it comes to what products to splash the cash on and when you should stick to the budget basics.


If you want expert makeup every time the number one product you should always spend the most on is base – primers, foundations, concealers and powders – to take care of your skin and make sure people are noticing your make up for the right reasons.  Once you find the right base products for your skin, they become the most precious, priceless tools in your collection.



Your base is the most important thing for your face

As primer is the  first product you apply to your face and literally lays the foundation for the rest of your make-up, this is one to splurge on as it will show throughout the day if you use a cheaper product.  Also be sure to go one step further and buy separate eye and face primers as the skin type in each area is different and therefore these products are not interchangeable. If you do this no matter how much or little make up you wear you will have expert makeup every time.


There are many things to consider when choosing a foundation and concealer: your base colour, your skin type and also what the products is made to do and how much coverage it offers. Luxury brands spend much more time and money testing and generally use higher quality ingredients. When purchasing them you will also find they have well trained counter-consultants to ensure you buy a product that matches your skin colour and type, so it is worth spending big on these.



Invest in a quality red lipstick

With a your bases covered with quality products, you can save a little on other products and still achieve expert makeup every time. You can scrimp on limited edition or seasonal colour products as they are subject to fickle trends and it won’t be long until they are out of style.  Another one to save on is mascara, given the short life span of just three months and most chain store brands generally work as well as high-end brands.


Lip gloss or light lipsticks are fine to buy as a bargain, always invest in a high quality red lipstick. This is because quality red lipsticks suit skin tones better, and don’t bleed like cheaper brands; two very important things when it comes to wearing a red lip.


Finally, you can also save by buying  mid-range beauty brands of  blusher and eye-shadow if you have invested in quality lid and cheek primers, and are using quality tools. These two things greatly affect the staying power and colour of your powder or cream blushers and eye shadows so you have expert makeup every time.

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