Latest Jewellery Trends The bling you should be rocking right now

Jewellery is supposed to be the most timeless part of fashion. Times have changed, with jewellery trends changing as quickly as all other fashion trends and as often as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee got married and divorced. Check out the 4 top latest jewellery trends you should be draping yourself with right now.



You know the saying “less is more”? Well forget all about that. Right now more is more. When it comes to latest jewellery trends it is all about chunky. Necklaces, rings, cuffs, earrings and the newest kid on the jewellery block; foot jewels are all so chunky right now it’s a wonder people aren’t breaking neck and limbs.


Giant neck pieces either alone or stacked one on top of each other are being worn with ripped jeans, man-size watches and chunky gold and silver bangles are wrapped around slender arms and delicate  fingers are sporting Giants stones and thick heavy bands of metal. And it looks amazing.latest-jewellery-trends-stacked


Keep in mind these are statement pieces though and look best when other accompanying jewellery such as arm wear or rings are kept to a bit more of a minimum.



The latest in jewellery trends for wrists and fingers? Stacking. Big time. See the above “more is more” comment and apply it here. One of the latest jewellery trends is arms laden with every piece of wrist wear known to woman.


The highest trends with rings is  not only every finger wearing a ring, but also wearing several rings on fingers at once. ‘Baby rings’, small thin plain bands of gold or silver are stacked or worn alongside giant chunky rings and there is no law when it comes to mixing metals, colours and stones.



It is the same with wrists. Different colours, metals, styles and sizes are stacked on one arm or for those who work out a lot, both. Like wearing the chunky necklace, this look works best if tdon’t go the neck is kept bare with your wrists and fingers covered. You can still work a chunky statement earring though. Just don’t go anywhere with metal detectors.



This is a slight continuation of stacked that absolutely bears mentioning. The only other thing gracing necks right now besides chunky neck pieces is the many draped chain look.


Like the stacking epidemic we are seeing on fingers and arms, necks when free of giant pieces are draped with several thin chains of varying height and with a combination of pendantry. Again, this is a lawless look when is comes to metal although the highest trend is to go all gold or all silver.



Neons and brights on your arms, neck and ears are one of the biggest things in latest jewellery trends. And that’s not just because of the retina-blinding shades of colour. It’s like the 80’slatest-jewellery-trends-neonsminus the legwarmers, sweatbands and the Hoff.


Neon yellows, oranges and pinks are gracing wrists in a chic ode to hippie jewellery and colouring chunky pendants on multi-draped chains. The best part? Neons and brights as jewellery provide the perfect splash of colour to this season’s chic white on white look, the classic all black outfit or the back-from-the-fashion-dead denim on denim.

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