PERFECT SKIN WITHOUT MAKEUP Go bare and be beautiful

Perfect skin without makeup. Yes, when I was twelve you are probably thinking. And you’re right, it was pretty damn perfect back then. But you aren’t twelve anymore and are probably trying to recapture that look (of your skin that is) through the use of eight thousand different products. There are other ways.

Check out these idiot-proof tips on how to have perfect skin without makeup…



Have you ever wondered why you always see models with a plastic water bottle glued to their hand whether they are in a makeup chair, on a beach in front of a camera or wandering the street on their down time?

Besides belonging the largest percentage of people on the planet contributing to plastic bottle landfill, it’s because they know that hydration is the secret to perfect skin. And seeing them in those off-duty pics is a testament to this practice. Even without their minions, they all seem to look like they have perfect skin without makeup on.

Added bonus? It also helps to flush out your system (which affects your skin) helps fight cellulite and in the end really is the best anti-aging product on earth.



You know how they say you shouldn’t wash your hair every day? It’s true. It strips it of its natural oils that it actually needs to stay healthy.  Like your hair, you want to cleanse your face but don’t want perfect-skin-without-makeup-cleansingto strip it completely of its natural oils, no matter how oily your skin is.


No matter your skin type, harsh cleansers that completely strip the skin of all oil is the worst thing you can do. For those with fry skin this will just make it even drier and age faster and for those with oilier skin, completely stripping it will actually only cause your skin to produce more oil.


Cleanse twice a day with a gentle cleanser that has a very fine exfoliant in it that doesn’t contain stripping chemicals and nourish your skin with the right products and watch it start to glow with health, meaning you can have perfect skin with no makeup.



Ironically, one of the things we most try to rid our skin of is exactly what it needs to look young, healthy, and glowing. Your skin needs oil. Right now the biggest thing in skin care is rosehip oil. Touted as her ultimate skin secret by Miranda Kerr, rosehip oil is a light, nourishing oil that hydrates, repairs and doesn’t clog pores.







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